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Closet Organization

Closet Organization (Clothing and Shoes)

When it comes to closets I can’t even begin to stress how important organization is. I mean why invest in a wardrobe if you can’t even see your clothing well enough to actually wear it? And like most of us like to think, space is not an excuse! I’ve always had a pretty extensive closet in terms of quantity; yet, every closet I’ve ever had to utilize was enough. Organization is key!
1. It is a good idea to start by decluttering. You know how they say, out with the old, in with the new? Well let’s start there. Go through the items in your closet (clothes/shoes/accessories) and take out things you know you won’t ever wear again or just don’t want anymore. Many of us hate letting things go, but think about it like this: the more you get rid of, the more new stuff your making room for. This doesn’t just mean you have to throw it out or donate it. You can sell it! List items on eBay (my favorite:) or craigslist. Have a garage sale. Take it to your local Plato’s Closet or like shop.
2. Get matching hangers. The velvet ones are great because they are space-saving and the clothes stay put.
3. Organize by category (long sleeve, short sleeve, skirts, jackets, etc.) or season (fall/winter – spring/summer), and then color coordinate.
When it comes to organizing/storing your shoes (this can be a challenge) there are many different options:
1. Shelves ♥ (though many of us don’t have the space for these – still not an excuse; there are plenty of other options 🙂 – If you do have the space, but don’t want to go with built-in shelving, try bookshelves. You can purchase them in the sizes/color you prefer and put them up anywhere.
2. Clear see-through plastic containers per pair that you can stack.
3. Over the door shoe holders.
4. On the floor shoe holders that you can slide anywhere i.e. under the bed, under hanging clothes.

Here are some great products as mentioned above:

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