15 Day Mini Organizing Projects

Since a lot of us are spending tons of time at home right now, I put together this mini organizing challenge that can be tackled in 15 days (or less if you decide to do more at once :)! I’m sure there are plenty of times where your house may feel like a circus, but here’s to it never looking like one! Lets take this time to whip our homes into shape. Trust me, you will feel SO much better!

We can start slowly, and end with a bang 🙂

DAY 1: MAIL | MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS – Mail, receipts, notes – all probably stuffed in a drawer somewhere! Go through and clean all of it out. Anything you need to keep, create a box (with a lid) and store it in there. Add as you need, but try to go through it every so often to clean it out.

DAY 2: KITCHEN COUNTERS | KITCHEN TOOLS – I don’t know about you, but cluttered countertops drive me nuts! Try to hide away as much as you can. Declutter the stuff that has no need on the kitchen counter to begin with. For tools and utensils, try drawer organizers! These are the best and you can actually see what you have + easy to grab as needed! Here are some great drawer organizers I found:

DAY 3: DRESSER DRAWERS – Ok, who has the time to hunt down matching socks every time you need a pair?! If you’re just not one of those people who will fold and organize your undergarments back into the drawer after every wash, then drawer dividers are perfect for you. Give everything a home with these:

DAY 4: FRIDGE | FREEZER – First off, clean out anything that is expired or gone bad. Next, organize! For example, put condiments, sauces, all like things together in one section – produce, in another – etc. Separate things with containers if you have the space for them. Here are some that I use + a few others I think would be great (these can also be utilized anywhere else in the house aside from the fridge):

DAY 5: PANTRY | SPICES – Check expiration dates and toss anything that is expired! You will be surprised how much expired stuff you will probably find in your pantry. When stocking the shelves with things you have multiples of, put the newest stuff in the back and oldest in front so you use it first. For spices, labels are your best friend!! Check out this post where I talk about the benefits of labeling: (Put a Label On It). Also, this chalk marker is my absolute favorite and writes so well.

DAY 6: LINEN CLOSET – Here is one place I don’t recommend using bins or baskets to store things. Put towels, sheets, etc. directly onto the shelves so you can see it all better. Store sheet sets together (pillowcases within the sheets). Also, a linen closet looks so much better color coordinated!

DAY 7: CRAFT SUPPLIES – Not many people have a designated closet or room for craft supplies, but if you do – organize everything into baskets and by type! If you don’t, but have tons of craft supplies then a portable craft station would be a great way to start. If you own very minimal, create a basket/mini craft station! Here are some ideas:

DAY 8: PURSE & WALLET – This purse organizer is the best! Also, here is a post I’ve put together before all about getting your purse/wallet organized: (Organizing Your Handbag).

DAY 9: BOOKS | BOOKSHELF – Unless your library is hidden away in a kindle, you probably have a ton of books; or, atleast enough to create scatter. Find a central spot for ALL of your books, unless you’re using them as coffee table books/decor of course. If you have a bookshelf, organize it by height or color. It looks a lot neater this way!

DAY 10: BATHROOM DECLUTTERING – Go through your beauty products/bathroom essentials and toss anything you have been hoarding, but do not plan to use. Organize anything left over by type and where you can easily access it if needed.

DAY 11: JEWELRY | MAKEUP – Go through your makeup and toss anything you don’t use or plan to use / anything old such as mascara that is probably extremely outdated. Organize the rest by type. This will cut your getting ready time in half! If your up for it, give your brushes a clean! I use this cleaner and love it. For your jewelry, go through and separate it all by type, if necklaces need untangling and earrings need pairing up, then tackle that and then store it accordingly.

DAY 12: OFFICE – If your desk is cluttered, your mind probably is to! For a more productive work space, keep it clean and clutter free. Or atleast hide the clutter. Here are some office organizers that are great:


DAY 14: TOYS | PLAYROOM – Go through and get rid of toys your kids have outgrown or just don’t / won’t play with anymore. Donate them! Organize remaining toys by type and get your kids involved. This way they know exactly how to “clean” the playroom and where everything should go from then on. I just ordered this toy organizer for our toy room the other day.

DAY 15: GARAGE – What is a garage made for? To store cars, not stuff! Clean out your garage and get rid of as much as you can. Store everything else against the walls, making the most of that space and try to keep room for your car(s).

Happy Organizing, friends!! Let me know if you guys take on this mini challenge and tag me on Instagram, would love to see your work!

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