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Amazon Favorites

Anyone else constantly shopping on Amazon?! I feel like getting Amazon Prime is the best thing I ever did!! It literally makes shopping so fast and easy that I catch myself browsing on there just for fun sometimes! Probably not…

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10.26.17 1

Blush & Glow Cosmestics!

Blush & Glow (Artee) recently did my makeup during my brothers wedding back in August; and, to say my makeup has never looked better would be an understatement! I was honestly so pleased with each and every one of my…

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7.18.17 1

My Favorite Red’s!

A classic red lip is one of my definite beauty essentials. It is a great way to dress up any outfit and requires minimum effort! One thing I recommend when going for a bright red lip is to make sure…

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6.28.17 1

Formula 10.0.6 Face Masks!

As promised, I am finally reviewing my favorites from the batch of face masks I received! After trying them all, I’ve picked 3 that I really liked and actually felt did some work for my skin. All of the links…

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