A place for everything, and everything in its place.

I previously talked about how everything should have a place, and everyone in the house should know where its place is. I mentioned how keeping a home or office organized requires a team effort and it also requires a “place” for everything. With that being said I would like to give you all some examples and more insight on what exactly I meant.

I am definitely guilty myself of being that person. You know, that person that has so much of everything. Whether it be books, accessories, stationary, pots and pans, or even just the same top in five different colors; you name it, I probably have it (not to mention a collection of it). This is okay, as long as you organize and have a single space for those items. It seems silly, but it saves time and often times prevents you from buying redundant amounts of things. For example, minor things like batteries, pens and change can all have one central place in your home. Or the collection of pictures you own (we all have these tucked away somewhere from before technology and camera phones took over) could be put in photo albums or even a photo box.
Ways this can benefit you:
⦁ Saves money by not shopping for items you don’t need.
⦁ Helps take advantage of available space.
⦁ Makes trying to find things a lot simpler.
⦁ Less mess to clean up.
⦁ Makes everyday life a little bit more peaceful. (Believe it or not)

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