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Organizing Your Accessories

Many women will say they like their money right where they can see it…hanging in their closet. I don’t disagree, but I intend to use every dollar spent; therefore, I need to be visually pleased when I look at my accessories (handbags, clutches, scarves, jewelry, etc.). I need it to be simple to accessorize any outfit! It’s nice to have all your accessories to where they are easy to find, but at the same time look neat.

Below are some different ways to organize your accessories depending on your closet type, the amount of space you’re working with, and etc.

Cubbies/shelves are great because you can display and see everything at once (picture attached).
Trays are good to hold and display the items you use more frequent then others so they are ready for you to grab and go. (Items like sunglasses, certain jewelry, perfumes, etc.)

Perfect for small spaces:
Hanging organizers- for jewelry and other small accessories (plus they are clear so you can see what you have).
Trays for clutches
Hanging belts on a row of hooks
Labeled hat boxes (perfect for jewelry; for example, putting all your necklaces in individual Ziploc/clear plastic bags and then storing them in a box labeled ‘necklaces’).
Over the door shoe organizers – for scarves, belts or like things.

Rolling belts for a more neater look
Jewelry trays with inserts (flocked jewelry trays where you can pick the amount and size of inserts you want – my favorite). All of mine are from www.storesupplywarehouse.com.
Rolling/folding scarves and having them in rows as opposed to stacks so you can still see them all at once.

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