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And Then There We’re Five

Hi friends!! Here I am putting together one of the happiest posts I’ve written since I started my blog a few years ago! Lots of honesty coming out in this post and I’m so happy to finally be sharing the news with you guys, so here we go!!

After 8.5 years of marriage, here we are expecting our 3rd child ❤️

Sabella, our first and my pride and joy 🥰 is 3.5 – Hayden, my favorite little guy, is 16 months; and, baby number 3 will be arriving in April (I am 16 weeks right now) with a calculated due date of April 29th (just 9 days after big sisters birthday)!

We’re we trying? Yes!! All of my pregnancies have been 100% planned. I took Clomid with all 3 of my pregnancies, as I never had regular periods and did not know when I was ovulating to plan accordingly. With the advice of my doctor and starting Clomid, things immediately worked out for us! So back to that, I personally feel like 3 is such a great number when it comes to raising a family. If you ask my husband, he would say 5 kids is ideal, but for him I think it’s the idea of having 5 kids as life goes on as opposed to actually HAVING and raising 5 kids right now!! 😆 And to be completely honest, a part of me would LOVE to have more, I feel like motherhood is the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced and I truly enjoy it more then anything. I would LOVE to be home day in and day out raising babies, but realistically I think 3 is a good number (atleast for now 😉).

Ok, getting to the reason why most of you are actually here… what are we having?! We are expecting a little BOY!! 1 girl, 2 boys!! If you’re wondering whether we had a preferred gender, yes!! In all honesty, if choosing were an option, I would have loved to mother another little girl and also more for Sabella then myself. I really would have loved for her to have a sister to go through life with. Instead, Hayden was the lucky one 🙂 and well, a part of me is a little happy I won’t have to share my best friend (Sabella) with anyone else 🥰 -plus, there’s always number 4 right?! Lol!

Needless to say, our hearts are full and we cannot wait to meet the newest member of our ever growing family! Our little BOY 💙

Also, before I sign off – anyone reading this that is trying to conceive or struggling to conceive, I wish you all the strength and guidance. Our bodies are capable of doing some amazing things, and I know pregnancy is such an emotional journey for so many of us women, and for some of us that journey may be a little longer or harder then others. Wishing you all the prayers and hope 💕

Thank y’all so much for stopping by, and following along!! Ladies, please feel free to DM me if you ever have any questions regarding anything I’ve covered in this post. Nothing is too personal, and our conversations will always stay just that, ours ❤️


My DRESS: Abercrombie & Fitch | SHOES: Christian Louboutin (Similar HERE) | HAIR PINS: Francesca’s

Hemel’s SWEATER: Topman | JOGGERS: H&M (similar pair)

Sabella’s DRESS: Amazon | SHOES: Target (Similar HERE)

Hayden’s SWEATER: Amazon | JOGGERS: Zara (Similar HERE) | SHOES: Similar HERE)

Sharing some of my favorites from our Holiday shoot here ❤️

Special thank you to Maria (@mariagloerphotography) for capturing these beautiful photos! 💕

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    Awww This is so exciting, and such a gorgeous fam! Congratulations babe!!

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