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My True & Tried Baby Products

Hello friends!! I hope all of you are hanging in there during this phase of Social Distancing! For this post, whether you have a baby at home, are pregnant, or plan to become pregnant – this one is for you! Sharing my all time favorite baby products, and a little bit of info on why I love these products. If you are a new mom or currently pregnant, congrats!! If you are planning to become pregnant, here’s to smooth sailing ♥

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  •  BABY BREZZA FORMULA DISPENSER: This is a MUST if you plan to formula feed! I used this with Sabella, Hayden, and will with number 3. It’s quick, easy, and SO convenient. You fill up water and formula and can pick the amount of ounces you want dispensed each time and it’s out within seconds at just the right temp. No need to mix, heat, etc.
  • BUMBO SEATER: Great when they start eating/sitting. Easy for on the go so would use it for travel/being out and about for the day (park, friends houses, etc). I’d put Hayden in this out on the back patio while Sabella played and he would sit in it for hours watching her and the outdoors!
  • DOONA CARSEAT STROLLER: I didn’t have this with Sabella, but did with Hayden and let me just say it is so worth it!! This is a car seat that can become a stroller once you pull it out in the press of a button. SO convenient for errands, walks, etc. I walked around carrying a car seat with Sabella because this was not a thing when I had her, and can hands down say I am most definitely a fan of the Doona!
  • BOPPY LOUNGER: I had the Boppy pillow with Sabella and it was great, but as active and fidgety as my kids were, she would constantly slide down. With Hayden, I used the Boppy Lounger and it was a lot better. Perfect for them to lay around on and also for tummy time.
  • DOCKATOT: This will be my first time using the actual DockATot brand, but I had a handmade version of this that one of my friends made for Hayden and I used it everyday for months! So great for baby to lay in throughout the day, easy to move from room to room / couch, bed, etc.. and perfect for traveling!
  • SOUND MACHINE: I never really used one of these for Sabella, but got one when Hayden was born to block out the sounds of Sabella when we would put him to nap/bed. I mentioned in one of my previous posts how I tried not to use pacifiers for my kids, and if I did I got them off by 2-3 months, so for me the sound machine was also a soothing mechanism. For Hayden, I would use this instead of a Paci to calm him and teach him to fall asleep on his own. From what I’ve heard, babies love white noise and it worked! This is also portable, so great for travel.
  • ACTIVITY GYM: There are so many different types of these, and they are amazing! Both of my kids would spend hours on this as they started growing and becoming more active. It keeps them entertained for hours, and you can get so much done in the meantime.
  • NOSE FRIDA: A life saver when the baby is congested! This gets SO much out and makes it so much easier for baby to breathe. A bulb is great for everyday, but this thing is a lot better at getting it ALL out!
  • FISHER PRICE ROCKER: This infant to toddler rocker is not only super affordable ($45), but in my opinion better then all those fancy overpriced ones out there! I had the 4 Moms Mamaroo ($249) with Sabella and ended up selling it after a few months. Purchased this one and used it so much more. Hayden will be 2 in July and still uses it everyday. Can’t beat the price and with it being infant to toddler, the amount of use you will get out of it!
  • OXO BIBS: Best bibs EVER! Sabella will be 4 in a few days and still uses these! Once your child starts eating, these are the only bibs you will need. They make mealtime so much cleaner as they can catch any food that is missed or comes out of baby’s mouth into the pocket. I would also use these on the go (stroller / car) by putting the kids food into the pocket and they would just use pick it out of there and eat it, so I guess it can be a plate too 🙂 Also super easy to clean since they are silicone.
  • CAR BACKSEAT MIRROR: Since they are rear facing the first 2 years, this mirror is great for keeping eyes on your baby while driving. I also came across this DIGITAL WIRELESS BABY CAR MONITOR that I thought was really good too. A lot pricier then the mirror, and I don’t have one but wanted to share it here for you guys.
  • SKIPHOP CHANGING STATION: Only changing station you will need for travel / on the go! I used this from birth until my kids were out of diapers. So convenient and easy to use. If I left the house with baby, this was the one thing that was always with me!
  • BACKPACK DIAPER BAG: I’d been through a ton of diaper bags before someone told me about this one. It is an Amazon find, super affordable, and so much better then any of the previous diaper bags I had used. So many compartments, easy to access, and even easier to lug around! I also worked with HAPP recently and their PR sent me this LEVY DIAPER BAG which I’d have to say I really like! It is also a backpack, TONS of compartments, super spacious, and so trendy! It is definitely pricier then the Amazon one, but wanted to share it here if you guys are looking for something a bit more trendy 🙂
  • NAP MAT: I used this from birth to about 4 months with both kids, and already have it packed ready to take to the hospital with me for baby number 3! So great for holding the baby especially when you have visitors, so the baby isn’t always being picked up directly. The cover is removable and can be washed as needed. This is the version I have, but my MIL also makes these and you can customize the print (@cozzzymat on Instagram / website).
  • DR BROWNS BOTTLES: This is the entire set that comes with different bottle and nipple sizes. These bottles are the only ones I’ve ever used and I love them. They are also the number 1 bottles out there to reduce gas. I know so many moms who started off with different bottles, but always ended up with these. A lot of people don’t like the fact that they have a ton of parts (for cleaning/washing), but with these being the only bottles I’ve used, this never bothered me! Definitely recommend these.
  • DIAPER CADDY: A must for around the house! I used this thing religiously. I’d keep all baby diaper essentials in it and it was great for moving around room to room, and made diaper changes so much easier. During the day, I would leave it in the living room where we spent the most of our time, and off it would go with me into the bedroom in the evenings making night time diaper changes so easy with everything in one place!
  • KICKEE PANTS ZIPPER FOOTIES: I discovered these when I had Hayden after a friend gifted me a bunch. Let me just say, I was obsessed! They were my favorite footie sleepers for him. The material is amazing and SO SOFT. After a ton of washes, they are still as good as new and also come in the cutest prints! Another footie brand I recently discovered after the brand sent me a PR package are these MAGNETIC ME FOOTIES. I did not know these were a thing, but the concept is amazing! No buttons, no zipper, just magnets! So easy to put on/take off and I can just imagine how much easier this can make night time changes!
  • OILOGIC ROLL ON OIL (SLEEP) OILOGIC ROLL ON OIL (COUGH): Love these to rub onto their chest, back, etc. I still use them occasionally for both kids! Another great product from this brand I use for baths when the kids are sick or congested is this STUFFY NOSE & COUGH ESSENTIAL OIL VAPOR BATH. You just add some into the water and its so good!
  • MOMMYS BLISS NIGHTTIME GRIPE WATER: This is the only brand gripe water I have tried and used it for both + already have some for number 3! Its a night time one, so I would just give it to them occasionally or as needed before bed. You can also just add some into their evening bottle.

Hope this post helps you moms to be or if you are trying to narrow down products for a registry / on the hunt for similar items and just not sure what to get. Also, this would be a great gift guide if you aren’t sure what to gift the new mom to be in your life! Thanks so much for stopping by!! As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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