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My Favorite Red’s!

A classic red lip is one of my definite beauty essentials. It is a great way to dress up any outfit and requires minimum effort! One thing I recommend when going for a bright red lip is to make sure your eyes aren’t too overdone. The best look would be some eyeliner and mascara, and if you choose to add some eye shadow just stay on the neutral side 🙂
Here are some of my favorite red lipsticks, (All links shoppable) and I have attached swatches of each!  💋 Enjoy!

  • MAC Russian Red – A deep red and my favorite! You can’t really go wrong with MAC. They have such a huge variety of colors and textures, and though they aren’t as cheap as drugstore lipsticks, they are still a great price for the quality. $17!!
  • MAC Relentlessly Red – A brighter pinkish coral red. Has a super matte feel and look.
  • MAYBELLINE On Fire Red – Part of the ColorSensational Vivid line. This brand of lipstick is one of the BEST drugstore lipsticks I’ve ever tried. I own a good handful of these lipsticks in a variety of colors. This one is a bright red and almost the most  perfect shade of red lipstick I’ve ever come across! ♥ Only $7!
  • MAYBELLINE Rich Ruby – Also part of the ColorSensational line. Not too bright, not too dark. Just right! Only $5.59!!!

I pair all my red lipsticks with one neutral lip liner, which is Ruby Woo by MAC. 💋
So there you have it, my favorite reds! ❤️

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