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Organizing Your Handbag

Do you ever throw your keys into your purse just to reach your car and be digging hours on end looking for them? Or wait, is that your phone ringing? Didn’t you throw it into your handbag? Well where is it?! After a missed call or two, yay you’ve finally found it! Well ladies, grab your handbags and let me help you better organize your essentials!

First off, start by deciding what you really need to be carrying with you. We all have different must haves, but without some order all of our handbags would look identical on the inside! Once you’ve determined what you really need, time to start organizing!

Start by grouping things into smaller bags and pouches. I like to keep a smaller bag inside of my actual handbag to keep things like hair ties, chapstick, Advil, hand sanitizer, etc.

My wallet is where I always keep things like money, drivers license, credit cards, things of that sort. Try to always purchase a wallet with a zippered coin slot inside so you don’t always have loose change hanging out all over your bag. Trust me, its worth it.

For all the non essential cards that I don’t use as much, but have LOADS of; such as, gift cards, rewards cards, and so on, I use another smaller wallet. If your not so keen on the idea of having 2 wallets on you, try a card cubby.

For coupons, which I also have TONS and TONS of (I mean who doesn’t like to coupon, really?!) I use a small expanding file case. The best part about these is that you can label them with general categories like grocery, personal, baby, etc.

Keeping your handbag organized not only makes it easier to find what your looking for, but makes switching handbags a breeze, and if your anything like me, you like to rotate purses constantly! 🙂 I know we all have different needs and like to carry around different things, but I hope this gives everyone a general idea on how to organize your own bag. Trust me, you will get immediate satisfaction! Check out this handbag organizer that I use and absolutely LOVE! ♥

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  1. Great tips…thanks for sharing 🙂


    Published 7.15.17
    • Your very welcome, glad you enjoyed it! 😘

      Published 7.15.17