Category: Organization

12.15.17 2

The Power Of A Planner

Ever wanted to get your life a little bit more organized, but not sure where to start? The secret is a planner! Not only will a planner help you work more productively, but it will help you organize your home…

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7.6.17 2

Organizing Your Handbag

Do you ever throw your keys into your purse just to reach your car and be digging hours on end looking for them? Or wait, is that your phone ringing? Didn’t you throw it into your handbag? Well where is…

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5.5.17 1

Organizing Your Accessories

Many women will say they like their money right where they can see it…hanging in their closet. I don’t disagree, but I intend to use every dollar spent; therefore, I need to be visually pleased when I look at my…

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Closet Factory

Closet Factory – For Your Storage & Organizational Needs Ever feel like you don’t have enough space? Have a house with more square footage then you know what to do with but still no where to put your things? Whether…

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