Put A Label On It!

It’s no secret that organizing and labeling go together like pen and paper. You can label just about anything and everything in your home, and the best part is make every label as unique as you like. For someone like myself who loves to write and be creative, I love buying the sticker labels and designing them myself. For others who aren’t too thrilled with the idea of diy label making, there are other options like buying a label maker, or getting pre-made labels online and printing them.
Here are just some of the endless benefits of labeling:
⦁ It puts order where chaos used to exist.
⦁ It’s easy, it’s washable, it’s temporary; yet, it stays put.
⦁ It saves time! No more guessing what’s in a box, a jar, a folder.
⦁ It’s great not just for you, but for everyone else in the house to easily grab things when needed/put things back where they belong.
So now the fun part, figuring out which labeling tactic you like best and getting started! I say start with the pantry and go from there! 😉 Below are some great labels, pantry jars, and my favorite chalk marker that writes SO good!


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