Bins & Things

Bins & Things

When it comes to how you want to organize certain things around your home, there are endless amounts of options. My favorite? Bins. You can use bins all over your house and it will never look too overwhelming, and the best part is you can pick and choose different colors/designs that fit your own style and even mix them up throughout the different rooms in your home. Here are a few examples of how bins can be utilized:
⦁ Living room for blankets.
⦁ Bathroom for toilet paper/magazines.
⦁ Supply closets for plastic supplies/aprons/candles/stationary etc.
⦁ Pantry for spices/snacks.
⦁ Laundry room for cleaning supplies/towels.
⦁ Play rooms for toys/crafts etc.
⦁ Under kitchen/bathroom sinks for cleaning or personal products.

The list could go on and on!

Some of my favorite bins:

Another organizing tactic I love for the more hidden things in our home like those items we store inside our drawers are drawer dividers! These things work wonders. From kitchens for separating utensils to the office for storing supplies, they can be used in every drawer of every room in your house. You can also use trays for the smaller items in your drawers. i.e. the hair ties and pins taking up your bathroom drawer or the paper clips making an appearance at every corner of your office desk. The best part about those cute little trays is you don’t always have to special buy them, you can always use old plates or bowls you have laying around.

Some great drawer organizers:


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