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The Power Of A Planner

Ever wanted to get your life a little bit more organized, but not sure where to start? The secret is a planner! Not only will a planner help you work more productively, but it will help you organize your home life and social life as well.

To begin, your planner should be as unique as you are. Think about how you see yourself using it and set some goals for better organization. Second, WRITE IT DOWN! Yes, everything! Every important meeting, appointment, errand, phone call, all of it – and be consistent! Last, make time to check in. Checking your planner daily will help you stay more organized with your life. It is a constant reminder of the little things you may have to follow up on.

Having a planner with a monthly page followed by weekly pages helps. This way you can see what your entire month is going to look like, and fill in the details in the weekly pages. My favorite planner I’ve been using for the past 2 years now is the Eccolo brand. It comes with the cutest stickers to make “planning” a little bit more fun and of course, pretty :). It also has quotes throughout the whole planner that I just love. Pictures below! Here’s to getting your life a little bit more “put together”. Trust me, its a great feeling! Happy Planning! 🙂

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  1. Hey, where can I get this from?

    Published 3.1.18
    • Hey! They sell them at stores like Homegoods, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx but you can also order one on Amazon! The brand is Eccolo 😀

      Published 3.1.18