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My first fashion related blog!…and of course its about shoes! My favorite ♥
Of all the things a girl can own when it comes to fashion and style, I’d have to say my favorite is shoes. I feel like shoes have the power to completely change an outfit.
If your wearing a simple outfit you could throw on a pair of bold and interesting shoes to spice it up a bit. You could always pick a pair of shoes to mirror your outfit. Say your wearing a dress with specs of pink, or a pink top with black bottoms then you could throw on a pair of pink heels instead of just the usual black or nude pair. Just by alternating the shoes, your changing up the whole outfit and where you can wear it.
They say shoes have the power to change our mood. Not only do they change the way we walk and talk, but they have a tendency to boost our confidence. Think about this next time you walk out the house with a pair of high heels, or throughout the day change from a pair of flats to some sexy stilettos. It’s true!
People who see my shoe collection often ask me “how do you decide which shoes to wear when?!” That’s an easy one (how, where and what). It all depends on how I’m dressed, where I’m going and what I’ll be doing! I mean you don’t want to be wearing 5 inch stilettos if your going for a hike, and on the contrary you wouldn’t want to be wearing those hiking sneakers to a dinner party or girls night out!
Finally, just remember the shoe motto to live by: No matter how many shoes we have, there’s always room for a new pair! : )

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