The Choker Trend!

They always say things will come back into style eventually; though it’s not always the case, it’s definitely right on when it comes to chokers! The 90’s trend has made a comeback and we love it! Chokers are one of the most trendy accessories out right now and have the power to transform any outfit making it more chic! 

Not to mention, there are so many different types of chokers and ways to wear them. Sharing with you guys some ways I like to wear/style chokers:

  • Layer chokers by mixing and matching them with things I already have in my jewelry collection. 
  • Wearing wrap around chokers and leaving strands hanging, tying them in a bow, or doing a complete wrap around the neck.
  • Layering a wrap around choker over a single strand one in a different color. (One of my favorites!)
  • Doubling up on chokers. This may sound weird, but give it a shot – it looks great! 

If your not sure the choker trend is for you, start by trying a classic black and go from there. You will love it 🙂 

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