Month: July 2017


Treasure and Bond Earrings! 

Happy Sunday!!!  How cute are these Treasure and Bond earrings I scooped up at Nordstrom yesterday for just $19! (Anniversary sale 😍)  Love the dull gold look with the colorful beads and to top it off, tassels! ❤️ They can…

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7.18.17 1

My Favorite Red’s!

A classic red lip is one of my definite beauty essentials. It is a great way to dress up any outfit and requires minimum effort! One thing I recommend when going for a bright red lip is to make sure…

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7.6.17 2

Organizing Your Handbag

Do you ever throw your keys into your purse just to reach your car and be digging hours on end looking for them? Or wait, is that your phone ringing? Didn’t you throw it into your handbag? Well where is…

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