Face Masks!

Face masks? Yes, please!

Why? Well because our skin needs attention too!

Our skin gets into a routine just like us. Washing our face twice a day doesn’t always do the trick like most of us may think. Adding that extra step to your skin care routine, whether it be weekly, biweekly, or maybe even more or less,  can deliver noticeable results that we would all LOVE to see. This is why a face mask every so often is a big deal; not to mention, its the perfect excuse to sit back and relax for 10+ minutes!

One thing I recommend before applying face masks is to always wash and clean your face first. Applying a mask to unwashed skin may trap bacteria and cause it to go deeper into the skin, and none of us want that! Plus your mask will work way more effectively this way. Add this small step into your skin care routine every now and then if you haven’t already. Trust me, your face will thank you.

Linking below some of my favorite masks, all under $7!! Have a peek!

Face Mask 1

Face Mask 2

Face Mask 3

Face Mask 4

Face Mask 5

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